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VT-550 Visual Modal Pro

Product Announcement from Vibrant Technology, Inc.

VT-550 Visual Modal Pro-Image

Visual Modal Pro adds features to Visual Modalwith both VES-3500 MIMO Modeling & Simulation and VES-4500 Multi-Reference Modal Analysis.

Visual Modal Pro includes advanced curve fitting methods like Multiple Reference curve fitting. This gives you the power to isolate repeated roots or closely coupled modes. Visual Modal Pro also includes advanced processing features such as MIMO Analysis. With MIMO Analysis you can calculate Multiple Reference FRFs even if your analyzer does not include this functionality.

For example, a bridge in Europe was tested using multiple shakers. Using Visual Modal Pro, the acquired time domain force and response data was post-processed to calculate a set of multiple reference FRFs. The resulting FRFs were the curve fit and the mode shapes of the bridge displayed in animation. A typical mode shape display is shown here.

Additional Features:

  • MDOF Z-Polynomial curve fitting.
  • MDOF Complex Exponential curve fitting.
  • MDOF Alias Free Polynomial (AF Poly) curve fitting.
  • Multiple Reference curve fitting.
  • Stability diagram. Graphical display of frequencies & damping for a range of curve fitting model sizes.
  • CMIF (Complex Mode Indicator Function), indicates closely coupled modes & repeated roots.
  • MMIF (Multivariate Mode Indicator Function), indicates closely coupled modes & repeated roots.
  • Modal Assurance Criterion (MAC), numerical shape comparison.
  • Shape Complexity plot.
  • Shape component Magnitude ranking.
  • MIMO Forced Response. Calculates multiple response time or frequency waveforms from FRFs (or modes) and multiple excitation force waveforms.
  • MIMO Sinusoidal Forced Response. Calculates and displays response shapes due to multiple sinusoidal excitation forces.
  • MIMO Forces. Calculates multiple excitation force time or frequency waveforms from FRFs (or modes) and multiple response waveforms.
  • Calculates MIMO FRFs or Transfer Functions, and Ordinary or Multiple & Partial Coherences from multiple excitation & response time waveforms, using Hanning, Flat Top, or Rectangular windows, triggering, linear or peak averaging, overlap processing.
  • Calculates MIMO FRFs, Transfer Functions, and Coherences from Auto & Cross Spectra.
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