Product Announcement from Videojet Technologies, Inc.

Videojet 3120 Laser Marking System-Image

High level of versatility

With this printer, complex multi-line alphanumeric information, foreign-language character sets, graphics and machine-readable codes can be incorporated into the marking. Information such as expiry and manufacturing dates, document numbers, system codes, ID matrix and bar codes, sequential numbers, batch codes and numbers, and even information about contents and weight, is processed quickly and easily by the system.

Code a wide variety of materials

With the Videojet 3120, a wide range of materials can be marked. These include special pharmaceutical containers, paper, board and cardboard packaging, PET containers, electronic and semiconductor boards, parts for automotive vehicle manufacture and even extruded products such as seals, profiles and pipes.

Easy integration

A compact design and flexible standard components ensure fast and simple integration. For installation in conditions where space is tight, the Videojet 3120 laser head may be positioned using beam deflectors. This means that even complicated marking tasks can be carried out. Laser beams can be emitted at an angle of 0 degrees (i.e. straight) or even 90 degrees. There is also a wide selection of lenses and flexible user interfaces available

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