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Phantom 65 - Digital Widescreen Cinema Cameras -Image

The new Phantom digital widescreen cinema cameras aren't just about replacing film or video with some new technology, their about creating a new way of seeing time. Tell a story from a viewpoint that is not limited by 24 frames per second. The Phantom 65 and HD let you experience control over your shot in ways that you have never experienced in the past. With the Phantom 65, the 65mm cine frame now exists for you to experience in digital format!

Consider 10 megapixel resolution at speeds of up to 125 frames per second, plus shutter speed control down to 6 microseconds. You now have precise control over the amount of blur or clarity in each scene. Exposure time is no longer dependant on the camera's frame rate or limited to a few shutter openings. The Phantom lets you set the exposure time in increments of one microsecond. Apply shortened exposure times to achieve the look of a hard edge street video, or lengthened exposure times until you've captured the indefinable, unmistakable feel of film. The Phantom 65's SR-CMOS sensor is comprised of 12.5 micron pixels and uses 14-bit A/D conversion for excellent sensitivity. Take advantage of our exclusive EDR (Extreme Dynamic Range) function plus a user determined contrast ratio, and you get a dynamic range that actually exceeds that of film insuring excellent image quality regardless of the application.

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