Product Announcement from Visumatic Industrial Products

VLB-900-PS Pistol Grip Automatic Screw Feeder-Image

Visumatic's comfortable Pistol Grip automatic screw feeder system makes difficult applications easy. Our custom integral grip puts the center of gravity in the palm of your hand, balanced for efficiency. The right choice when hole alignment needs an automatic push-to-start driver tool. With single movement screw delivery, it is the simplest, most reliable feeder system on the market today.

  • Locking Bit keeps the bit and screw engaged in the nosepiece
  • Operator aligns the part using the screw before the fastening operation
  • Allows you to 'ice pick' the assembly
  • Ensures proper alignment, seamless application and maximum productivity

The Visumatic Advant-edge

  • Ergonomically balanced in-line pistol gripped nosepiece
  • Greater operator acceptance and productivity
  • The simplest, most reliable feeder system available
  • Single movement, no adjustments
  • Designed to fit your part and control the screw
  • Advanced automatic microprocessor controls

Visumatic VLB Pistol Grip automatic screw feeder systems are designed for your part, with the best choice of:

  • Drive Motor: Pneumatic, AC or DC Electric Torque Control
  • Nosepiece: Jaw, Finder, Mini, or Nut-Jaw
  • Feeder Escapement: Standard, Nut, Cam, or Finger
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