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Viper MBC Screw Driving Robot

Product Announcement from Visumatic Industrial Products

Visumatic's Viper MBC is an engineered fastener feeding and installing robot package for seamless integration by machine builders. This Visumatic system incorporates a 4-axis SCARA robot that delivers lightning fast screw driving and flawless fastener delivery. The Viper MBC is preconfigured and modular so it can be quickly deployed.

Our lean, flexible design allows placement in a variety of assembly processes:

  • as an assembly line conveyor station
  • feeding & driving different fasteners, nuts, screws, and plastic clips
  • inserting barbed darts and pins
  • integration into rotary indexing systems

The Viper MBC end-of-arm tooling is designed for your application, with your choice of DC electric driver tool and your choice of SCARA robot. Built in quality control with 4-axis NIST traceability and screw tightening torque/angle monitoring. Complete process accountability is provided through electrical handshaking packages and SPC data reporting via Device net or Ethernet IP.

The Visumatic Advant-Edge

Machine builders appreciate the difference in our highly accurate, extremely durable design in a compact envelope.

When your spec calls for error-free robotic assembly, place a Viper MBC and GO!

 Play Viper MBC Screw Driving Robot Video