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Visumatic Pin Insertion System for Medical Market

Product Announcement from Visumatic Industrial Products

Visumatic is one of very few resources that provide insertion automation systems. Visumatic Insertion Assembllies have nosepieces designed and built for placing both single action (like barbed plastic pins) or dual action (like plastic rivets and anchors) fasteners. Using the same principle as the Visumatic Locking Bit, we design the tool so that the punch is just behind the pin, allowing the operator to positively feel the pin's shank enter the hole prior to actuation. This provides sensory feedback to the operator, allowing them maximum assembly efficiency and accuracy. As with all handhelds, pin insertion systems come complete with a microprocessor controlled feeder, providing complete cycle flexibility, enclosed for cleanliness, with a feed harness length up to 20' to allow your operators to follow the work along the assembly line. Visumatic always designs pin feeder systems to fit your part and your application.All Visumatic systems are backed by the strongest guarantee in the business and provides an outstanding technical service team that can be on-site within 24 hours. Our customer specific, highly detailed technical manuals are developed so our service staff can be literally "on the same page" with you with just a phone call.Visumatic Exclusive. Operator Friendly. Maximum Efficiency.