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Visumatic VPM Power Modules fit when you need the screw bit-stroked into the part without moving the nosepiece. You either present the part to the nosepiece, or mount the head on your positioner. Visumatic Power Modules are delivered complete with a custom feed system and a stroking spindle system.

Each system incorporates and automatic screwfeeder with a "Plug-n-Work" Manifold and I/O Port. It has a measurable bit stroke and is designed to fit your part, your application and your specifications. Power Modules have either internal or external bit stroke cylinders and can be customized to your specifications of mounting plate bolt hole pattern, counterbores, flats or bosses. Each VPM Power Module is available in your choice of pneumatic, AC or DC electric driver tool, with nosepieces designed to fit your screw and part. One Moving Mechanism - Zero Adjustments.

Visumatic systems are backed by the strongest guarantee in the business and provides an outstanding technical service team that can be on-site within 24 hours. Our customer specific, highly detailed technical manuals are developed so our service staff can be literally "on the same page" with you with just a phone call.

Measurable. Built to Suit. Great Value.

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