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WD forklift bearings include mast rollers and chain pulleys, are essentially balls, cylindrical rollers or needle bearings which are with a thick-walled outer race. The pulleys are available with a flat runner surface or a crowned one, which can be designed according to customer's application.

WD forklift bearings can roll directly on the tray under heavy load and shock load. They are greased for life. Under normal operating conditions, they are maintenance-free, while they should be re-lubricated under severe working condition to prolong the working lifespan.

Application of WD forklift bearings:

1) Conveyor machinery ;

2) Lifting machinery;

3) Automotive line machinery;

4) Fork lift and construction machinery;

Advantages of WD forklift bearings:

1) Optimized structure and reliable quality;

2) Saving the mounting spaces in wide applications;

3) Ready-to-fit units and reducing the maintenance costs;

4) Greased for life and prolonging working lifespan;

5) High quality at competitive price;

6) Full range of mast roller and chain pulleys;

7) Well sealing ability and misaligning ability, can bear heavy loading capacity;

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