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WD cam followers are available in different designs which have the same dimensions and differ only in their internal designs. Generally, the cam followers have a concentric seating on the stud, but some are also available with an eccentric collar which is shrunk on to the stud. Cam followers with eccentric collar enable an optimum interaction with the cam to be obtained and also allow less stringent manufacturing tolerance to be used for the associated components.
Application of WD cam followers:
1) Escalator;
2) Moving sidewalk;
3) Elevator;
4) Conveyor system;
5) Lifting machinery;
6) Automotive line machinery;
7) Material handling equipments;
8) Linear motion guidance equipments;
9) Cam drives;
10) Screw drives;

WD Cam Followers are used in a wide range of applications such as cam mechanisms,support rollers for conveying equipment, pallet changing mechanisms, etc. WD Bearing Group can provide series of Cam Followers :

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