Optimizing Delta Robots with the alpha TP+

Product Announcement from WITTENSTEIN, Inc. (formerly alpha gear drives)

Optimizing Delta Robots with the alpha TP+-Image

Gearboxes for Delta Robot Designs

WITTENSTEIN is the ideal choice for designers in search of optimal performance for highly dynamic delta robot applications. With engineering expertise, acknowledged software know-how and an impressive portfolio of high-performance products, WITTENSTEIN creates unbeatable solutions with unparalleled specifications.

The diversity of Delta robots is extreme, with unique requirements impacting drive selection. WITTENSTEIN has been designing precision gearbox and actuator solutions for delta robots for more than a decade. Various applications require robots with two, three or sometimes four axes. Products and product weights vary and the pick & place distances differ from one project to the next. Challenges faced are high cycle count and short, highly dynamic motions with a high duty cycle. Installation and the mounting position of the gearboxes and actuators must also be taken into account. The reliability of a delta robot is essential with most located on the end of a product's application line. WITTENSTEIN's engineering expertise provides a solution for your delta design that is unique as the robot itself.

WITTENSTEIN's alpha TP+ High Torque gearbox fits perfectly into the delta robot system because of exceptional precision and compactness. This gearbox combines low backlash and high torsional stiffness to create the highest in positioning accuracy. Need help in gearbox selection? Using WITTENSTEIN's cymex® servo sizing software helps to size the application, motor and gearhead according to application simulation data.

Working in food processing or packaging? The alpha TP+ also comes in a washdown version, perfect for hygenic applications.

Looking for the ultimate in compact gearbox and motor design? Check out the TPM+ integrated actuator.

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