Fiberglass Grated Ped-Walk® Walkway

Product Announcement from WS Hampshire, Inc.

Fiberglass Grated Ped-Walk® Walkway-Image

Fiberglass Grating... strong, corrosion resistant

Fiberglass grating Is the answer to the problem of open flooring in hostile environments. It is corrosion resistant, lightweight & extremely strong. In addition, its non-conductive and non-sparking properties make it popular around electrical equipment, especially in wet atmospheres.

Ped-Walk was designed specifically for pedestrian walkways. Ideal for catwalks or anywhere only pedestrian traffic occurs. All trip properties of Duradek; corrosion resistant, non-conducting, lightweight and is maintenance-tree with a non-skid grit/epoxy surface Pultruded glass fiber reinforced composite grating with vinylester resin for maximum corrosion resistance. Ped-Walk is a registered trademark of MMFG