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All In One Intuitive Advanced Controller

Product Announcement from Iwaki America and Walchem, IWAKI America Inc

One simple and flexible controller for all your water treatment needs! The WebMasterONE® has proven to be the most revolutionary product the Water Treatment market has ever seen. Walchem's Patent-Pending ShoulderTap® Server-On-Demand technology provides instant real-time access to the WebMasterONE® controller when you need it without the need to be permanently connected to the Internet. It offers the ability to control and monitor systems using a standard web browser from any computer - anywhere in the world. Unlike traditional modem-to-modem communications, ShoulderTap® eliminates long distance phone calls, proprietary software and allows simultaneous multi-user access. In addition, the WebMasterONE® delivers a range of new technology capabilities including user-friendly programming, multi-user access and e-mail notifications for datalogs, alarms and system summaries.

The new WM1 is a multi-purpose controller that you can customize to fit your needs. Add a conductivity sensor for your cooling tower, a high pressure sensor for your boiler, and pH sensor for your wastewater treatment system. you'll be amazed at the number of ways you can make this controller work for you!

WebMasterONE® brings the same capability to any pH, ORP or Conductivity application. WebMasterONE® offers the flexibility of SCR Mapping (Sensor-Control-Relay), which allows you to select the Sensor (pH, ORP, conductivity or any analytical analog input), the Control method (ON/OFF, Time Proportional, Flow Based or Timer) and assign them to any Relay. With up to 21 user-defined inputs, WebMasterONE® can be programmed to control and monitor an array of different input combinations.Each sensor input (either direct sensor or 4-20mA input) can be assigned to a powered relay for control.WebMasterONE® has the ability to bring in 8 analog inputs, 9 digital inputs and is equipped with 8 powered relay outputs. Sensor inputs can also be assigned to any one of the four 4-20mA outputs. WebMasterONE® is ideal in the following applications -

· Water Treatment

· Wastewater Treatment

· Metal Finishing - Pretreatment

· Generic pH, ORP or Conductivity

WMT series WebMasterONE® can be configured for your specific cooling tower application. With 4 direct sensor inputs, the WebMasterONE® is capable of monitoring system conductivity, make-up conductivity, pH and ORP. It can also be equipped with eight (8) analog inputs and nine (9) digital inputs capable of monitoring tank levels, providing interlocks, feed verification and receiving other plant parameter signals such as corrosion rates, biofilm monitors or phosphate concentrations.

The new WMD is set up to control two cooling towers, with Bleed, Feed and two Biocide control relays for each tower. It has all the capabilities of the other WebMasterONE® controllers.

WMT series WebMasterONE® can be configured for your specific boiler application. With 4 conductivity inputs, up to 4 boilers may be controlled using either continuous sampling, or intermittent (timed) sampling. In intermittent sampling, the sample is checked with the valve closed, eliminating flashing to ensure that the conductivity reading is correct. Blowdown based upon that sample may be for a set amount of time, or for a time that varies depending upon how far from the set point the reading is. Two-stage intermittent sampling is also available, allowing the user to test the boiler less frequently during times of the day when loading is not as high.

Eight relays provide blowdown, plus either chemical feed or alarm capability. It can also be equipped with eight (8) analog inputs and six (6) digital inputs capable of monitoring tank levels, providing interlocks, feed verification and receiving other plant parameter signals such as steam load, phosphate concentration, etc.

VTouch enabled WebMasterONE® controllers are available with Modbus TCP/IP protocol and can communicate with your existing building energy management system, SCADA system or distributed control system over an Ethernet connection. You can view data and alarms using the HMI software that you use for all your other processes. WebMasterONE® operated in Server mode. It will respond to requests for sensor readings, alarm messages, relay status, digital input states and more, but is not able to initiate the sending of data. Any changes to set points within WebMasterONE® must be done using a browser, not the HMI software.

NEMA 4X packaging and UL/CSA/CE approvals ensure that the WebMasterONE® can withstand the toughest industrial environment.

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