Hospital Cranes ... Portable - Lightweight

Product Announcement from Wallace Cranes

 Hospital Cranes ... Portable - Lightweight-Image

Walace Cranes - Industrial cranes in a hospital? Wallace Cranes can help move high-tech and low-tech equipment in hospitals

As medicine goes more high-tech it also gets heavier. Wallace Cranes provide a means to install and maintain the latest generation of scanners and imaging equipment. Our cranes provide the means to service the full range of hospital equipment. From the clean rooms to the basement pumping stations our portable canes can help you lift and maintain pumps, filters (air and water), autoclaves, and more. Set-up takes under an hour. For portability, many cranes fit on elevators and can be easily moved from floor to floor. Our lightest aluminum one ton capacity crane weighs barely over 200 lbs.

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