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Reliable, low-cost transfer of fluids within breweries demands the correct pump selection. Yeast, finings and other additives must be pumped accurately and reliably. The abrasive nature of these fluids can cause wear in traditional pumps resulting in loss of performance and high maintenance.

Ringwood Brewery produces high-quality, cask-conditioned beer such as "Old Thumper", "Boondoggle" and "True Glory" which are highly regarded by discriminating real ale drinkers. The ability to sustain precise, accurate, repeatable product flow with minimal agitation was the primary factor in the adoption of a Watson-Marlow Bredel 604U/R peristaltic pump for finings dosing at Ringwood Brewery

Improve product quality and cost savings …

Whether you are a national, regional or micro brewery, your profitability and product quality rely on the efficient performance of your plant. Yeast, finings and other additives which are critical ingredients to the brew, must be pumped accurately and reliably. These ingredients and the brewing system, place many demands on your pumps. Watson-Marlow Bredel peristaltic pumps provide significant improvements to the brewing process and save our customers many thousands by:

Superior handling of yeast and additives without damage

• Improved accuracy for pitching and dosing

• Continuous dry running and self priming

• Hygienic design and CIP/SIP capability

• Greater reliability and lower maintenance

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