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Low-shear MasoSine sinusoidal pumps maintain the integrity of whole food products and handle highly viscous products up to 1 million cP with ease. Unlike lobe pumps, MasoSine food and beverage pumps are engineered for a long service life without the high cost or inconvenience of off-site factory remanufacturing or reconditioning. The proof is in MasoSine's 20 Year Warranty on our pump housing.

Uniquely capable of pumping high viscosity and large particulates without damage. The perfect pump for fragile cheese curd, stews, batters, syrups, whole fruit and vegetables, meat and poultry, and juice concentrate. 3A certified.

Read about Sine pump advantages:

  • Simplicity - Only one shaft, one seal and no timing gears
  • Minimal downtime - Simple, in-place pump rebuilds takes minutes
  • Reliability - No process stoppage to return lobe pumps to the factory
  • Interchangeable parts - Eliminate inventory of custom parts for reconditioned lobe pumps. Sine pump parts are always the same size
  • Gentle pumping - Ultra low shear transfer of whole foods, meats, cheeses and concentrates

These case studies give your more insight - Masosine Pumps are ideal for:

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