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The Industry Standard Compression Seal Water Closet Carriers feature an innovative compression seal design that eliminates leak problems commonly associated with traditional threaded O-ring seal carriers. Leaking carriers can also trigger dangerous mold formation problems, which can be extremely costly to rectify.

The Watts Industry Standard patent pending design incorporates a bolted compression seal, using an ASTM C564 compression gasket. The smooth ABS nipple mates positively with the compression gasket across a wide area, creating a positive, leak-proof seal, before and after nipple adjustment. Industry Standard carriers install without sealants, and hold an air or water test, first time. Contractors no longer spend valuable time sealing leaks and performing system re-tests.


  • Proven flanged compression seal with ASTM C564 compression gasket
  • Smooth nipple seal covers 4x more surface area than traditional threaded nipple/O-ring seal
  • Nipple adjusts easily from outside finished wall with standard
    socket extension
  • Shortened (cut) nipples will not damage seal when re-positioned
    or re-installed
  • Patent Pending


  • Eliminates damaging and costly behind-the wall carrier leaks
  • Moisture cannot penetrate seal and trigger mold formation problems
  • Positively holds air or water test first time
  • No additional sealants or lubricants required
    at installation

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