P7 Base Feeder System:

Product Announcement from Weber Screwdriving Systems, Inc.

P7 Base Feeder System:-Image

The Poly 7 or P7 system comprises of a base plate where the 7" diameter Polymer bowl feeder is mounts adjacent to the highly reliable and time proven Weber escapement. In conjunction with each other this offers a super quiet, "second to none" method of offering 'oriented', high speed fastener delivery to a wide variety of tools and spindles. We can proudly say that we have never had to replace a Poly bowl under warranty yet, which is a testament to the rugged design and superior material used over the rough alloys and dipped aluminum products our competitors find acceptable. The system only needs your control pack to make it fully operable.

The entire "Polymer Range" is available in a larger 9" diameter and a 15" diameter unit for larger sized fasteners. Please contact the factory for more details.