SER Fixtured Spindle Robotic / Single Stage

Product Announcement from Weber Screwdriving Systems, Inc.

SER Fixtured Spindle Robotic / Single Stage -Image

The Weber SER Fixtured systems features a highly reliable and rugged design which is the standard within the industry for fixed spindles. These units are for use on a single stage application or when a robot or other slide will bring the driver spindle closer to the work pieces for installation of the fastener. The bit can be instructed to self advance its automatic bit stroke device and install fastener while detecting the depth was achieved or not. When the start signal is given usually through a PLC control system to a solenoid valve the bit advances forward out of the jaws to expose the bit and fastener . This proven design can only add to the legendary Weber reputation of reliability. Customization is performed on most systems to ensure the utmost functionality for each fastener size and style. This device can accommodate almost any style of Pneumatic or Electric motor drives and can be used singly or in multiples for more complex fastening . They can be used at any angle and even upside down for those difficult inverted applications., and these are often fitted with sensors to provide input to a PLC for control or reporting functions.

There are also several variations available on this product such as the WEBER ONLY Magnadrive, vacuum noses for tight space access and world class nutdriving solutions. Please contact us for more technical information and pricing on a system for your needs.