Clamp-On Ground Resistance Measurements

Product Announcement from Weschler Instruments

Clamp-On Ground Resistance Measurements -Image

These new Megger Clamp-On Testers measure resistance and continuity of grounding loops around pads, poles & buildings. Multi-ground systems can be checked without disconnecting the ground rod or stake under test. Use the DET14C to verify lightning protection on cell towers, RF transmitters and telecom sites as well as consumer installations such as pools and spas. This meter will also measure leakage current flowing to ground or circulating in the ground system.

The DET14C is fast and easy to use. No rods or cables are needed. Measure from 0.05 ohm to 1500 ohms and 0.5mA to 35A. The meter is auto-ranging with automatic self calibration. Jaw opening of 1.5" fits around large conductors. Other features include a back-lit LCD, display hold, noise filter and audible alarms. The DET24C adds data storage for 2000 tests and a USB interface.

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