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Weschler Instruments - Reducing energy consumption is a federal mandate for many projects and can result in significant cost savings. The E-Mon D-Mon Energy Meters are an effective way to monitor energy use within a commercial and industrial building. Single phase and three phase units accommodate circuits up to 3200 Amps. Split core current sensors speed retrofit installation.

An E-MON meters can be used stand-alone or tied into a data network. Wireless remote monitoring is also available.

Sub-metering allows billing of tenants or departments based on actual energy use. This requires an energy meter connected to each circuit. For this application, E-MON offers a compact cabinet that holds up to 24 digital meters. The Multiple Meter Unit simplifies meter reading and occupies significantly less space than the traditional glass jar meters used by utilities.

E-Mon D-Mon Three Phase Energy Meters features:

  • Direct-read 8-digit LCD display without multiplier displays accumulative kWh & "real-time" kW load
  • User entered cost per KWH provides to-date energy cost & projected hourly cost based on Metered load
  • Displays total carbon (CO2) emissions in pounds (lbs.) & indicates hourly emissions based on Metered load
  • Utility Grade Metering accuracy
  • Split-core current sensors install without power interruption, promote enhanced safety and allow remote mounting up to 2000 feet from Meter
  • Current sensor installation diagnostic indicator
  • Parallel up to three sets of current sensors for cumulative reading
  • Industrial-grade JIC steel enclosure with padlocking hasp and mounting flanges for indoor installations
  • Optional removable terminal block for pulse output
  • Non-volatile memory
  • UL Listed/CSA approved, made in USA
  • Certified to ANSI C12.1 and C12.16 electronic Meter National Accuracy Standards
  • Certified to California Metering standards Bureau of Weights and Measures
  • New York City approved, Con Edison approved for RSP program

Net Meter (GN Model) adds:

  • Direct-read 8-digit LCD display of:
  • Delivered kWh
  • Net kWh
  • Received kWh
  • Real-time kW load
  • Load profile data of delivered kWh, delivered kVARh and received kWh along with real-time readings of Power Factor, kW, kVA, kVAR, Amps per phase, Volts per phase and Frequency (available via E-Mon Energy software)
  • RS-232/RS-485 Communication
  • Optional Telephone Modem, Ethernet & Modbus
  • Listed as eligible system performance Meter by California Solar Initiative Emerging Renewables Program
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