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Network Interface for Instrument Cluster

Product Announcement from Weschler Instruments

Network Interface for Instrument Cluster-Image

Laurel Electronics has introduced a new Ethernet interface that simplifies networking for a cluster of panel meters. The Laureate Ethernet-to-RS485 Device Server Board plugs into a host Laurel digital panel meter, counter or timer and provides a 10/100Base-T connection on an industry-standard RJ45 jack. It also has an RJ11 jack for interface to downstream meters on a RS485 bus, which can support up to 31 meters. This allows a group of Laurel digital meters to access the internet through a single Ethernet connection. Dual RJ11 connectors on each RS485 interface permit daisy-chaining using commercial 6-wire RJ11 data cables.

The Modbus TCP protocol is fully supported. Conversion to Modbus TCP is provided transparently so that an Ethernet application program can use the Modbus TCP protocol while the meters use the Modbus RTU or Modbus ASCII protocol. The Laurel ASCII protocol can also be used if the only devices on the data line are Laureate meters.

Laurel's Node Manager software is shipped with each Ethernet interface. This Windows-based application automatically discovers & configures all Laurel nodes on a LAN or WAN, plus any meters connected to the nodes. (A node is any meter with an Ethernet interface, including the host meter for the Ethernet-to-RS485 Device Server Board). Laurel Panel Meters