Xylan® XLR - Fluoropolymer Coating

Product Announcement from Whitford Corporation

Xylan® XLR - Fluoropolymer Coating-Image

What users are saying about new Xylan® XLR:

Foam release

A moulder of specialty foams was having difficulties getting the foam to release from the coated mould he was using. He had experimented with many release coatings, including PFA, all without success. Then he heard of Xylan XLR and asked Whitford for a sample. To his surprise, once coated with Xylan XLR, the mould released the foam undamaged. To his greater surprise, the mould continued to release the foam.

Perfect release

A moulder of an optically clear item for use in the automotive industry had a costly and serious problem. In order to preserve the optical integrity of the part, he was forced to have his moulds recoated every other day in order to maintain sufficient release characteristics to produce a perfect part. The moulder agreed to try Xylan XLR and was delighted not only to find that the coating released perfectly, but that it kept on releasing perfectly. The mould has been operating for several weeks without requiring recoating (versus 2 days maximum with the old coating).

Polyester release

A manufacturer of polyester balloons was hoping to reduce his costs by finding a release coating that would provide more cycles than any coating he had previously tested. After hearing of Xylan XLR, he ordered a sample and coated his substrate for testing. Xylan XLR provided 50 times more release cycles than any other coating he had used (previous best cycles were 10, and Xylan XLR provided 500).

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