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IR Analyzers for On-site Oil in Water/Soil Testing

Product Announcement from Wilks – A Spectro Scientific Company

IR Analyzers for On-site Oil in Water/Soil Testing-Image

Wilks - A Spectro Scientific Company  - InfraCal Analyzers let you quickly and easily analyze the oil and grease concentration level in water and soil.They are ideal for measuring oil content in produced or FRAC water,  fats, oil & grease (FOG) in wastewater, industrial or refinery wastewater effluents, drill cuttings, containment ponds andremediation sites. Accurate, on-site measurements take just 10 -15 minutes, including the extraction process. On-site measurements eliminate the need to wait for off-site lab results and the analyzers are ideal for use by non-technical personnel.

InfraCal analyzers use infrared technology based on DTI, EPA and ASTM methods. Four InfraCal  analyzer models are available for measuring oil content in water, drill cuttings and soil. All are ideal for use by non-technical personnel and provide virtually maintenance-free operation.

Both the InfraCal Model HATR-T2 and new InfraCal 2 ATR-SP, use hexane, pentane or Vertrel MCA for the extraction process. Measurement data from either model will correlate to EPA Method 1664 as both procedures are based on evaporation techniques and measuring the residual oil and grease. They are equipped with a built-in cubic zirconia horizontal attenuated total reflection (HATR) stainless-steel sample stage on which the extract is deposited for analysis. The sample preparation takes a few simple steps and the ppm hydrocarbon result is obtained in less than 15 minutes. The InfraCal Model HATR-T2 has a minimum detectable limit of 8 ppm oil in water and the InfraCal 2 ATR-SP will measure down to 0.3 ppm.

Both the InfraCal Model CVH and new InfraCal 2 Model TRANS-SP are based on US EPA Methods 413.2 and 418.1 and ASTM D7066-04, which uses Freon 113, perchloroethylene, or   S-316, as the extracting solvent. Since the oil concentration is measured directly in the solvent, light end volatile components are retained, making it ideal for gas condensate measurements. The sample preparation takes a few simple steps and the result is obtained in less than 10 minutes. The InfraCal Model CVH has a minimum detectable limit of 2 ppm oil in water. It was one of the instruments used to develop the ASTM D7066 oil in water method.  The InfraCal 2 TRANS-SP will measure down to 0.1 ppm.

In addition to lower detection limits, the InfraCal 2 analyzers has added features which include multiple calibrations to cover a larger range of analysis, data storage that tags measurements with analyst, date and time, and security features with different user access levels.

For more information on the InfraCal Analyzers, contact Wilks  - A Spectro Scientific Company, 25 Van Zant Street - Ste. 8F, E. Norwalk, CT 06855, TEL: 203-855-9136, email: info@wilksir.com; web site - www.wilksir.com or download information directly at http://www.wilksir.com/products/oil-in-water-soil-analyzers.html

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