CFL Sensor Lamp

Product Announcement from Wonik Corporation USA

CFL Sensor Lamp-Image

VLK Sensor Lamp

Wonik Corporation USA presents our patented CFL lamp with a sensor installed on the bulb. By incorporating a self-contained sensor, the light will automatically turn on only when a person passes into it's detection zone and automatically turn off when the person leaves.

Installation is simple; twist it in to an existing standard bulb fixture.

Energy saving and cost efficient!


  • Voltage: 100 V, 110 V, 120 V, 220 V
  • Watts: 20 W
  • Sensor Angle: 60-degrees; 90-degrees
  • Start Temp: -20C~60C
  • Humidity: 30%~80%
  • Sensor Distance: Max 12M
  • Life Time: On/Off >30,000 times
  • Lifespan: >8,000 hours
  • Color: Day light
  • Base: E27

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