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Improve Safety in Window Handling

Product Announcement from Wood's Powr-Grip Co., Inc.

Improve Safety in Window Handling-Image

When Wood's Powr-Grip® set out to design below-the-hook vacuum lifters for window manufacturing and installation, we identified two challenges: The force needed to tilt loads manually could place excessive strain on the operator, while traditional tilt mechanisms often caused heavy loads to "kick back" toward the operator's legs. Powr-Grip's Quadra-Tilt Series Vacuum Lifters solve both these problems by introducing an innovative four-bar tilt linkage. This manual tilt mechanism is designed with a mechanical advantage that allows the load to remain in either the upright or the flat position, without resorting to latches. At the same time, it assists the operator to tilt the load between upright and flat, once movement has been initiated. This has the dual effect of eliminating kick-back and minimizing the force needed for tilt. Quadra-Tilt Vacuum Lifters are also available with adjustable pad frames that accommodate a wide variety of window sizes and shapes, in weights up to 1400 lbs [635 kg].

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