Heater Treater/ Calciner/ Roaster

Product Announcement from Wyssmont Company, Inc.

If long retention time or high degrees of product uniformity are necessary in a heating or cooling application, these units provide a compact, easily operated, reliable answer.

They are especially applicable to heating and cooling very fine powders, with minimum particle size segregation. They are available in designs up to 1200°F (650°C).

Where specific time-temperature histories, gentle handling or treatment in special atmospheres are desired, they provide solutions that are especially applicable to the problem.

Even, thorough and rapid drying

Wyssmont TURBO-DRYER® delivers very uniformly dried product because material is intermittently redistributed with plug-flow operation. Uniform inside temperature or zoned temperature regions. The closest product temperature control of any dryer possible. Can give the lowest residual moisture of any dryer.

Product Quality

Gentle handling. Little dust, fines. Little product degradation, even with fragile material such as crystals and pellets. Provides a free-flowing product when other dryers produce material that cakes or sets-up in containers, silos, or railcars.