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Flexible Hose Assemblies (FHAs) designed for repeated use in pharmaceutical environments are often hidden sources of contamination, despite cGMP employed to eradicate bioburden and debris. A recent investigation into flexible hose assemblies performed by Crane ChemPharma Flow Solutions has revealed why some FHAs may continue to contaminate bioprocesses, despite industry guidelines and end user practices. This investigation has also resulted in the development of a new technology that finally helps to minimize the risk of contamination and debris collection, and reduces operating costs. FHAs designed for repeated use consist of a flexible element (may be constructed of a single material or multiple materials and layers) and permanent or reusable mechanically affixed end fittings designed for pressure applications. Other common hoses and hose assemblies used in pharmaceutical processing may consist of flexible elements constructed with various types of plastics or polymers, and end fittings designed for low or no pressure carrying capabilities. Because these FHA's are rated for low pressure and/or designed for single use, they are not considered in this article. This document discusses the following elements which may be a factor in contamination and bioburden: Materials of Construction, Entrapment by Design, and Hidden Contamination. We also introduce the ResistoPure™ Stratus® brand solution.

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