DLM2000 MSO Series

Product Announcement from Yokogawa Corporation of America

DLM2000 MSO Series -Image

The Yokogawa DLM2000 shatters the "barrier to entry" into mixed signal design. That's because, using a clever and industry first "flexible MSO input", you can choose to activate channel four as an analog input, or use it to acquire 8 bits of digital logic instead, when your application calls for it. Modern electronics include analog and digital circuitry - and the DLM2000's flexible MSO input lets you measure both, including mixed signal triggers and decoding of parallel or serial bit patterns.

  • Lineup includes 200 MHz, 350 MHz, 500 MHz bandwidth models
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Large 8.4-inch LCD display
  • Long memory: Up to 125M points (with /M2 option)
  • High speed sampling: Up to 2.5 GS/s (1.25 GS/s with 4 ch)

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