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The GC1000 is widely used in the petrochemical, oil refining, metal refining, inorganic chemical, and other industries. A single oven type (isothermal oven type) and a dual oven type (programmed temperature oven type) are available. The dual oven type has a programmed temperature oven as well as an isothermal oven, and uses capillary columns for high resolution analysis. The GC1000 is capable of analyzing samples with a wide range of boiling points.

The GC1000 uses valves with a longer service life, ensuring excellent maintainability, and its high-sensitivity detectors have a proven design. Through the communications technologies that it has cultivated in the DCS field, Yokogawa is able to offer the industry's most advanced gas chromatograph, suitable for the open architecture networks of the future.

This analyzer is thus optimum for combustion control of various industrial furnaces, botanical study and global atmospheric research.

Examples of industry applications The GC1000 can be used for monitoring and quality control in the following industries and applications:

- Petrochemistry:Ethylene, Poly-propylene, Polyethylene,BTX, Butadiene, Vinyl chloride, Styrene, Alcohol, Aldehyde, Ester, and Vinyl acetate - Petroleum refinery: Distillation point analysis, PNA/PINA analysis, FCC, Sulfurrecovery - Chemistry: Silicone, Chlorides, Fluorine compounds, Formalin, methanol, Ureas, Ammonia, Phenol - Electric power/gas: Fuel gas, Exhaust gases, Coal gasification/liquefaction, Fuel cell - Iron and steel: Blast furnace, Coke oven - Air plant: Inorganic gas analyses - Chemicals: Chemicals, Agricultural Chemicals - Environmental monitoring: Air pollution observation, Plant/Work environmental analyses

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