InfraSpec NR800 Near-Infrared Analyzer

Product Announcement from Yokogawa Corporation of America

InfraSpec NR800 Near-Infrared Analyzer -Image

NR800 is a new FT-NIR analyzer offering unparalleled reliability and stability for a wide range of process and laboratory applications from Yokogawa. Its high wavelength resolution, outstanding accuracy and wide scanning range deliver a new level of process information, opening up new possibilities. Direct transfer of a calibration model from the laboratory to the process, or among processes, is also possible. And of course, ease of operation and user-friendly software are key design concepts of the NR800.


* Enhanced environmental resistance, durability, and reliability

* Single detector throughout the wavelength range

* High resolution

* Calibration model transfer

* Double beam configuration

* Up to 4 multi-stream channels with no Optical multiplexers

* Newly developed interferometer and Detector

* High resolution: Up to 4 cm-1, user selectable setting

* High S/N ratio: 2250:1 (RMS, 4 cm-1 resolution, 4100 to 4200 cm-1, 1 sec.)

* Wide wavelengths scanning range 900 to 2500 nm (11,000 to 4000 cm-1)

* Wavelength reproducibility: 0.007 cm-1

* Wavelength accuracy: 0.04 cm-1

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