Multivariable Pressure Transmitter

Product Announcement from Yokogawa Corporation of America

Multivariable Pressure Transmitter-Image

The Yokogawa EJX910A transmitter is a 3-in-1 multivariable (MV), smart, differential pressure transmitter that extends simple square root flow metering capabilities to performing full auto compensated mass flow calculations through the use of an onboard flow computer. Unlike competitive MV transmitters that use a separate second pressure sensor to measure static pressure, the EJX901A only references the one sensor for its flow calculations and therefore additional inaccuracies are not introduced into the mass flow results. In configuring the EJX910A, the user can choose from multiple types of primary flow elements such as orifice plates, flow nozzles, and Venturi tubes. Custom elements can also be applied provided they have a single flow coefficient.

Features of the EJX910A Multivarable include:

  • Measurement technology is based on the proven DPharp digital resonant pressure sensor technology of the EJA and standard EJX pressure transmitters.
  • EJX910A utilizes the DP and Static measurements taken from the single on-board harp sensor along with the on-board external RTD measuring circuit to calculate mass flow.
  • Mass flow calculation accuracy of ±1%
  • Hart or Foundation Fieldbus communications available
  • Additional contact terminals for Alarm output or Pulse or Frequency output standard.
  • Totalizer feature available as standard
  • Multi-sensing (does not calculate mass or volumetric flow) version also available.

Gases and Liquid Applications Supported:

  • Design institute for Physical Properties (DIPPR) database of fluid properties
  • Steam and Water
  • Natural Gas

Steam Measurement Applications:

Density compensation using standard steam tables

  • IAPWS-IF97 Water and Steam (1997)
  • IAPWS-IF97: IAPWS Industrial Formulation (1997)
  • IAPWS-The International Association for the Properties of Water and Steam

Natural Gas Applications:

Density compensation using standard for natural gas:

  • AGA8
  • Compressibility factors of natural gas and other related hydrocarbon gases
  • American Gas Association (AGA)
  • Transmission Measurement Committee Report No.8 (Second Edition, November 1992)
  • AGA Detail characterization method
  • Gross charaterization method 1
  • Gross characterization method 2
  • ISO 12213: 1997 First editioin 1997-12-01
  • Part 2: molar-composition analysis
  • Part 3: physical properties