PR300 compact multifunction power and nergyg meter

Product Announcement from Yokogawa Corporation of America

PR300 compact multifunction power and nergyg meter-Image

PR300 Compact Multifuntion Meter Where, How, & Why Its used!

  • Designed to be used in utilities, factories, industrial facilities, buildings, offices, schools etc - wherever energy, power conservation, and analysis are important.
  • Designed for use in power panels, power systems and switchboards.
  • Multiple measuring functions (fifteen) will allow this one meter to take the place of several meters thus reducing the cost of ownership.


  • Accuracy: voltage/current measurement is +/-0.25% of FS
  • POWERCERT PC Parameter Setting
  • Universal inputs of 150V, 300V, 600V AC and 1A or 5A AC
  • Universal power supply for 100-240V AC ┬▒10%(50/60 Hz)/130-300 V DC ┬▒15%
  • Fifteen types of power and energy parameters can be measured including energy, power, voltage, current,
  • Frequency power factor, etc/Configurating tool available for downloading - Standard
  • RS-485 communication – Standard
  • Ethernet communication - Optional
  • Analog output, pulse output, and demand alarm output – Optional
  • Demand alarm contact for demand measurement - Optional
  • Simultaneously display all three user selectable measuring screens
  • Integration of DIN 96-square and ANSI 4-inch round instrument sizes into one universal design
  • Supports single-phase two wire through three-phase four-wire systems
  • UL61010 approval pending
  • Compatible with separately available DAQWORX Data Acquisition software for data retrieval and analysis

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