SC24V 4-in-1 Differential pH Sensor

Product Announcement from Yokogawa Corporation of America

SC24V 4-in-1 Differential pH Sensor-Image

Yokogawa SC24V 4-in-1 pH sensor, like the PH18, is a differential pH sensor designed for difficult applications where conventional sensors are ineffective. These include such measurements as brine solutions and applications as diverse as electrolysis processes and cheese manufacturing.

The problems experienced in these applications most often relate to the reference cell and are the result of either high diffusion potentials at the reference junction; high temperatures (often encountered in applications such as in chlorinated brine processes); and high ground-loop currents present in the pH sensor circuits. The new SC24V sensor features a sealed glass reference and does not have a liquid junction nor any electrolyte to come in contact with the process. So, the sensor does not suffer from diffusion potentials or fouling which ensures measurement stability while being virtually maintenance free.

The SC24V integrates the four measuring elements of pH sensing, reference, temperature compensation and liquid earth (ORP), in a 12mm diameter body designed with a PG13.5 mounting and optional adapters for use with most industrial holders. The sensor can also be used for ORP/Redox control applications.

SC24 Features

Low Long Term Cost of Ownership

  • Low maintenance, minimal calibration required
  • No electrolyte
  • No porous junction, no diffusion potentials
  • High chemical resistance

Reduced Cost To Install System

  • 12mm diameter with PG13.5 connection
  • Compatible with most industrial holders
  • 4-in-1: pH, reference, temperature, liquid earth (ORP)


  • High stability

To Learn More about Sodium Reference pH Systems, please feel free to watch our Webinar.