XL120 series

Product Announcement from Yokogawa Corporation of America

XL120 series-Image
  • Compact data logger for both measurement and display
  • Eight or sixteen analog (T/C, RTD, DCV) inputs with removable terminal block.
  • Digital I/O – 2 logic & 1 pulse input with 4 alarm outputs
  • Trigger I/O for integration (data start/stop)
  • A total of 64 Modbus communication & math computation (+, -, x, รท) channels standard.
  • 100 ms data recording speed for 8 analog input channels and 200 ms for 16 analog input channels.
  • 16 Meg of internal memory with external storage capability for compact flash, SD memory cards and/or USB memory cards.
  • Ethernet, RS-485 & RS-232 standard
  • XL120 can operate as FTP Client/Server, Web Server all with email capability.
  • Displays: Waveform, Digital, Bar Graph, Review & Logging/Review
  • Available: Lithium battery, printer, additional terminal blocks.

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