YHC4150X HART Communicator

Product Announcement from Yokogawa Corporation of America

YHC4150X HART Communicator-Image

The YHC4150X HART Communicator is the latest HART

communicator from Yokogawa Corporation of America. All HART

field devices can be configured, polled, and trimmed using the

YHC4150X with HART communications. The YHC4150X is a full

function HART Communicator supporting Universal, Common

Practice and Device Specific commands for commissioning,

configuration and maintenance operations.

Standard features include:

60 hours battery life (w/o backlight) using AA alkaline batteries

Quick startup and connect: 15 seconds!

Update new device profiles and firmware via

the Internet - YHC4150X is never out of your hands

Dongle coordinates AC power adapter and serial communication

Clone / Upload / Download configurations

Off-line mode for developing / reviewing configurations

Document and store more than 200 configurations

As-found / As-left history with DMS software

13-line, 128 x 128 pixel graphic, backlit display

Full alpha-numeric keypad

Edit directly from Review/Edit mode

Quick Menu access key

HART® menu Home key

Dedicated text edit keys

Programmable lock-out settings

Contrast key for direct adjustment from any mode

Elastic hand strap and adjustable shoulder strap

Thumb keys (left hand) for menu Up, Down, and Select

Custom "use-in-place" soft case with lead kit compartment


YHC4150X supports all HARTR devices at the Universal and

Common Practice command levels plus a large and growing list of

devices at the Device Specific command level. View our device

list at http://yokogawausa.thomasnet.com/item/communicator-w-hart/model-yhc4150x-portable-hart-communicator/item-4340?&forward=1 under the downloads section.

Use the YHC4150X to …

Commission devices

- Step-by-step configuration

- Document as-left configuration


- Reconfiguration for process changes

- Reconfiguration for batch runs

- Document as-found and as-left configurations

- Populate DMS database software

Device Maintenance

- Troubleshoot devices with HART

- View device error messages

- Clone devices to commission replacements


BASE UNIT: 103/8"L x 4 1/4" to 2 ."W x 1 ." to 1

7/8"D; ABS plastic case, 1.7 lbs. (w/ batts.)

KEYPAD: Membrane keypad: 4 soft, 8 single function,

30 dual function, 3 thumb keys

DISPLAY: 13 line, 128 x 128 pixel graphic display,

2.1" x 2.1" viewable area, backlight

POWER: Six AA alkaline; or 100 - 240 Vac power

adapter. Use only approved alkaline batteries for

Intrinsically Safe certified YHC4150X


Storage: -40° F to 140° F (-40° C to 60° C)

Operating: 23° F to 122° F (-5° C to 50° C)


Standard banana jacks (." center) for HART,

Odu connector for dongle. Dongle coordinates AC

power and DB-9 serial communications

Certification: Intrinsically Safe: ATEX, CULUS

(approved AA alkaline batteries only)

II 1 G

EEx ia IIC T4

Intrinsically safe, Exia

Class I, Div. 1 Groups A, B, C, D: T4