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Product Announcement from Yokogawa Corporation of America

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  • Gasket Sealing Design Establishes A New Industry Standard Dust resistant construction is now a standard feature of all New Big Look panel meters 21⁄2"-41⁄2" only.YOKOGAWA's unique gasket sealing design eliminates the need for a crimped bezel, providing for quick modification and scale changes while maintaining the integrity of the meters.
  • Dust Resistant Construction YOKOGAWA Big Look panel meters, except 11⁄2", feature gasketed construction to seal out dust and other air-suspended damaging particles. Application is ideal for adverse environments. Special dust resistant features are included on all YOKOGAWA New Big Look meters, (except 11⁄2").For more severe applications, to meet UL-1437 or IEC 144 requirements, other models are also available upon request.
  • Back-Of-Panel Mounting For Horizon Line Horizon Line panel meters can be mounted either behind or in front of the panel. Behind-panel mounting is easy . . . just remove snap-off mask and mount. No special mounting hardware or bezel is required. This design feature improves panel appearance . . . saves time and money. When illuminated scales are required, simply position light source as shown, or in any suitable position along the edge of the instrument.
  • Three Mounting Types Available in Stylist Series Rear Panel Window Mount Front of Panel Surface Mount Rear Panel Surface Mount Available with Optional Bezel
  • Clean, Readable Case Design Provides Extra Safety YOKOGAWA's brand New Big Look and Horizon Line panel meters are designed to provide attractive styling, quick, sure readability for any application . . . and a built in safety feature to help you meet national safety requirements. If you must remove the acrylic cover, you have to remove the instrument itself from the panel in order to reach the special safety screws holding on the cover. Removing the meter prevents shock hazard. This safety feature is standard on all New Big Look and Horizon Line meters.

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