STM Planetary Gearboxes for OEM Applications

Product Announcement from Young Powertech Inc.

STM Planetary Gearboxes for OEM Applications -Image


  • Ratios from 1:3.5 up to 1:2500
  • Torque range from 1000nm to 170,000nm
  • Suitable for continuous, reversing and intermittent operation
  • High torque in relation to size
  • Compact design
  • Can be installed in any mounting position
  • High radial load on output shaft
  • Ground gears to achieve lower noise levels
  • Follow this link to see Planetary Gearboxes being manufactured


With torque ranging from 1000 nm to 170,000 nm the Young Powertech  Planetary Gearbox range is ideal for continuous, intermittent or reversing operation. Torque is high in relation to compact design and size.

Suitable for installation in any mounting position, our Planetary Gearboxes can accommodate high radial and axial loads and come complete with ground gears for minimal noise whilst in operation.

The STM range of Planetary Gearboxes are ideal for mobile and fixed applications and have been designed to accept standard IEC electric motors, hydraulic motors and air motors.  Whatever the application - STM have a solution.

Planetary Gearboxes are perfect for - but not limited to - applications where high torque and low speeds are required.

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