Zagar Work Holding Collet Fixtures

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Zagar Inc - Workholding Collet Fixtures

Work holding is fundamental to any machining operation. Zagar collet fixtures both accurately locate and clamp work pieces at the same time. Steel housing components enable operation either hydraulically or pneumatically. More clamping force per square inch is applied on a work piece than any other method of clamping. Cycles are fast and safe. Fixtures are designed for use in severe environments. Bar stock, chips, and coolant can pass straight thru the fixtures. Set-up is made easy with a precision locating boss on each fixture's base.
Customize pallets are available for mounting groups of fixtures used in multiple part machining operations on CNC machines.
Standard fixtures and collets range in size from # 3-C to # 44-C with round, square, hex, or custom I.D.'s Up to 5.5" O.D. Bar stock can fit thru our largest standard fixture and collet.
Zagar collet fixtures are also used as draw-bar actuated rotating chucks as shown. In turn, Zagar automatic indexing fixtures are the fastest on the market. Indexing a work piece around it's center line in zero point two seconds.
Keep us in mind the next time you're thinking about a work holding requirement. Please give us a call. We've been in the business of supplying work holding solutions since 1938 and some of our original collet fixtures that we built back then, are still in use.
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