Product Announcement from Zeus, Inc.

Advanced Polymer Solutions for Aerospace-Image

Zeus, Inc. R&D is at the forefront of the development of advanced polymers for electrical insulation and filled polymers for static dissipation or customized options that allow conductivity in polymers.

A global leader in material science and high performance polymer extrusions, Zeus, Inc. today unveiled its new AEROSPACE BROCHURE, demonstrating its impressive array of products and possible applications as well as its position as a key supplier for the aerospace industry.

Fluoropolymers and other engineered polymers are quickly becoming the material of choice in global aerospace aplications due to their ability to maintain exceptional material properties in challenging environments. Engineered polymers also offer a lightweight, cost-effective alternative to metal -- another reason the use of performance polymers in aircraft design is expected to increase.

Zeus is prepared to support and accelerate development of future appplications for the aerospace industry... [with] products that meet and exceed the rigorous quality demands of this industry.

Already a supplier for aerospace leaders, Zeus is dedicated to continuous product improvements and has AS9100 and ISO 9001:2008 certifications, allowing it to align its products with the aerospace industry.

Zeus' Lay-Flat heat shrink is utilized as a replacement to film for composite formation on unique shapes, which improves the end composite's finish and reduces labor in the lay-up process.

Zeus' Spiral Wrap, Convoluted Tubing and Heat Shrink products are used in wire harness applications and its Drawn Fiber makes excellent braiding materials for cables that increase chafe resistance. Zeus also has an impressive array of optimized tubing solutions for advanced applications, including value-added services like light assembly to heat shrink over parts and subcomponents.

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