Electrical Insulation Tubing and Heat Shrink

Product Announcement from Zeus

The low friction, light weight, high dielectric and tensile strength, and high temperature characteristics of fluoropolymer tubing are applied in applications where other plastics fail.

Zeus tubing has met or exceeded the critical environments in electrical applications worldwide.  Some of these products include AWG and heat shrinkable tubing for insulation and spiral cut cable wrap and convoluted tubing for wire harnesses and cable assemblies.

A few examples of our electrical applications include extrusions directly over wire, connector and terminal sleeves; fiber optic cable jacketing; hermetic motor insulation; and battery pack and capacitor encapsulation.

Electrical Market Products Include:

  • Heat Shrinkable Tubing - Insulation
  • Convoluted Tubing - Wire Protection
  • Spiral Cut Tubing - Cable Wrap
  • PET Heat Shrink - Insulation
  • ePTFE Tubing - RF Cable Insulation
  • Dual Shrink® - Connector Insulation
  • PEEK Insulated Wire - Magnet Wire or Lead Wire
  • PEEKshrink® - Wire Splicing Aid
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