New Colour Palette of microZOTE®

Product Announcement from Zotefoams, Inc.

New Colour Palette of microZOTE® -Image

Zotefoams created a new colour range with microZOTE® closed-cell roll foams to help you to promote your brand and make make your ideas into vibrant solutions.

The new odour less colour range can be used in applications such as packaging and as a protection layer for tool boxes, dividers or anywhere in presentation to optimise a sales presentation and at the same time to fullfill the functionality.

microZOTE closed-cell, non cross-linked roll foams are produced by Zotefoams, the UK based foam technologists using the unique MuCell® microcellular extrusion technology.

microZOTE foams are inert and environmentally friendly as we use CO2 as a blowing agent. They have good mechanical properties due to the uniform microcellular cell structure and have a consistent, smooth surface finish and they are easy to convert.

The current range are microZOTE LDPE products between 0.77- 3mm thickness with density 250- 400kg/m3 is mainly used in seals and liners applications due to inertnes, cleaness and recyclibility.

Other typical markets & applications are Adhesive Tapes, Construction, Automotive,Medical and Sport/Military Equipment.

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