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ZOTEK® F, PVDF (Polyvinylidene Fluoride)

Product Announcement from Zotefoams, Inc.

ZOTEK® F, PVDF (Polyvinylidene Fluoride)-Image


ZOTEK F is a new range of lightweight, closed cell, PVDF (polyvinylidene fluoride) foams based on Kynar® fluoropolymer, a remarkable material that offers a unique balance of properties.

Kynar PVDF fluoropolymer has excellent UV, nuclear radiation and ageing resistance, high dielectric strength and outstanding resistance to a wide range of solvents and aggressive chemicals. It is biologically inert, thermally stable across a wide temperature range (to 160°C) and has a very low order of toxicity. It is inherently flame retardant releasing very little heat and only small quantities of smoke during combustion.

In ZOTEK F, these properties are combined with light weight, flexural response, buoyancy and thermal and acoustic insulation properties derived from the foaming process. Like their parent resins, ZOTEK F foams will exhibit outstanding durability and longevity.


The new ZOTEK F HT and ZOTEK F HT LS foams offer an operational temperature limit of 160°C, an improvement of +50°C over the current ZOTEK F range. They also offer enhanced chemical and solvent resistance, combined with higher levels of structural rigidity. See our General Flyer

ZOTEK F HT LS (Low Smoke) is recommended for use in a variety of sealing and insulation applications in the aviation, semiconductor, pharmaceutical and chemical processing industries, where exceptionally low smoke release is required in the event of fire.

ZOTEK F 40 HT LS is listed to UL 723/ASTM E-84 (Standard Method of Test of Surface Burning Characteristics of Building Materials). It also exhibits exceptionally low heat release values which helps with compliance to the aviation flammability standard OSU 65/65

ZOTEK F HT LS Foam Exhibits very low OSU Heat Release Values

ZOTEK F 42 HT LS is used for conversion into T-Tubes® a revolutionary, advanced insulation system specifically developed for stainless steel process lines in clean environments. This is the first foam insulation that has successfully achieved the approval criteria of the FM Approvals FM 4910 Standard "Clean-room Materials Flammability Test protocol'.

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