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Electrical Water Pump With External Rotor Motor-Image

ebm-papst St. Georgen is renowned worldwide as a fan specialist. Now, we have also made water our element - with a new, electronically operated water pump. For us, this step was only logical. Our expertise in moving air, which has grown over 70 years, can also be transferred easily to the medium of water in many areas. Of course, this is particularly true of the main components, the motor and control electronics.

However, the drive-related aspects of the two product groups also scarcely differ in manufacturing and quality assurance. Even in the fluid-dynamic design of the pump, we were able to make use of our wealth of experience in material selection and calculation methods.

The electric driven cooling water pump KMP 20 incorporates the benefits of compact dimensions, low weight and smoothly and quietly operation. This canned motor pump with integrated ECU uses an external rotor where the impeller and plastic encased magnet are combined in one structure reducing the number of movable parts. More over the 20 Watt pump with optimised hydrodynamic design has a high working pressure of 0,35 bar, but needs 15% less power than comparable pumps. The range of allowable temperature is from -40°C to +120°C (short time 130°C).

Data sheet KMP 20 cooling water pump [PDF]

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