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C-Face Thru-Bore Encoders – Models 770 and 771

Product Announcement from Encoder Products Company

C-Face Thru-Bore Encoders – Models 770 and 771-Image

The Models 770 (4.5" pilot) and 771 (8.5" Pilot) C-face Thru-Bore Encoders are rugged, high-resolution, slim profile encoders designed to mount directly on NEMA C-face motors. Unlike other C-face units that are kit type encoders, the Models 770 and 771 fully enclosed housing incorporates precision bearings that, together with an internal flex mount, virtually eliminate encoder failures and inaccuracies caused by motor shaft run out or axial end play. Their tough, all metal case and thru-shaft design, are designed to resist the vibration and other hazards of an industrial environment. These innovative encoders are ideal for applications involving induction motors and flux vector control.

The Models 770 and 771 are particularly user friendly. Their Thru-Bore design allows the encoder to be quickly and easily mounted directly to the accessory shaft or to the drive shaft of any motor that has a standard, NEMA size 56 through 256T (Model 770) or 182TC through 256TC (Model 771) motor face. The standard differential line driver output provides a clean signal over long cable lengths, resists the electrically noisy environments common to many applications, and operates from 5 to 28 volts DC. (Open collector, pull-up, and push-pull output options are also available.) In addition, both sides of the encoders are C-face mounts, allowing additional C-face devices to be mounted if needed. Quadrature output is standard with an index reference pulse optional. Available with resolutions to 4096 cycles per revolution. Consult factory for details.

Download Model 770 Datasheet

Download Model 771 Datasheet