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Size 58 MM Absolute Encoders – Model 958

Product Announcement from Encoder Products Company

Size 58 MM Absolute Encoders – Model 958-Image

The Model 958 Single Turn Absolute Accu-Coder™ is ideal for a wide variety of industrial applications requiring an encoder with European size 58 (58mm) mounting and absolute positioning output. Absolute encoders can simplify system design by eliminating the "homing" step needed with incremental encoders to determine the true machine position.

Available with round servo mounting, and a variety of connector and cabling options, the Model 958 is easily designed into a variety of application requirements. A wide selection of shaft sizes are supported by industrial grade, heavy duty bearings, and the optional IP66 seal. The Model 958 is ideal for rough environments, where high resolution absolute positioning is required.

Design Features
- European Size 58 (58mm) Package
- Resolutions Up To 12 Bit (4096 PPR equivalent)
- Incorporates Opto-ASIC Technology
- Industrial Grade, Heavy Duty Housing

- Machine Tools
- Robotics
- Telescopes, Antennas
- X-Y Positioning Tables, Medical Scanners

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