Model 7700 Virtual Absolute Rotary Kit Encoder

Product Announcement from Gurley Precision Instruments

Model 7700 Virtual Absolute Rotary Kit Encoder-Image

Gurley introduces its new compact, modular encoder designed for superior performance. Based on Gurley's patented Virtual Absolute technology, the model 7700 provides absolute positioning and high performance at a low price. Available at up to 19-bits of resolution (524,288 words/turn), the model 7700 is easy to install and with the use of its optional commutation tracks, eliminates the need for hall effect feedback for brushless motors. Temperature range is from -40 to 100 degrees Celsius.

Output options for the 7700 include parallel, SSI and USB. Dual axis decoding electronics are available.

Gurley Precision Instruments is an ISO-9001 certified company that offers rotary and linear optical encoders, and related accessories. You can see their wide selection of incremental, absolute and Virtual Absolute encoders by visiting their website, or call them for free application assistance.

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