Product Announcement from Gurley Precision Instruments

Novel Virtual AbsoluteTM Decoder-Image

Gurley Precision Instruments (GPI) has patented a novel electronics package for use with its Virtual AbsoluteTM encoder technology. The patent covers a method of generating and translating pseudorandom codes into binary numbers suitable for position encoding and other uses. The timing of this patent coincides with the launching of a new line of linear and rotary absolute encoders based on GPI's Virtual AbsoluteTM (VA™) technology. Gurley VA™ encoders combine the opto-mechanical simplicity of an incremental encoder with the system reliability and interfacing ease of an absolute encoder. In most cases, VA™ encoders can be much smaller and less expensive than a conventional absolute of the same resolution. Features unique to all Gurley VA™ encoders include the same whole-word information as a conventional absolute (easy to interface to a computer), inherent error detection circuitry not found in a conventional absolute, and only a small fixed initialization distance regardless of the starting position or direction of travel. Gurley Precision Instruments is an ISO 9001 Certified company that offers rotary and linear optical encoders, as well as related accessories. For more information on the decoder or Virtual AbsoluteTM technology, please visit, or call 800-759-1844 for free applications assistance.

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