Product Announcement from Gurley Precision Instruments

PointFinder 2000 Mid-Range Digital Readout -Image

The PointFinder 2000 is the most powerful and easiest to use mid-range digital readout available. Saving time and money is easy with the PointFinder 2000. Even a machining novice can understand and use its features. The PointFinder 2000 comes with productive features such as Datum Points, Bolt Circles, a Digital Rotary Table, Feed Rate Display, Edge Finder, and Tool Offsets. The Pointfinder 2000 leads you through each of these features with large, easy to read instructions right on the readout. The PointFinder also has a separate key for each major readout function. You won't have to search through endless menus to find out how to run a bolt circle. It's right there on the front panel.

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