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True Absolute Rotary Encoder

Product Announcement from Gurley Precision Instruments

The Model A19 is the smallest true-absolute rotary encoder available with opto/magnetic electronic technology. With resolution of up to 15-bits (32,768 words/turn), this mini-encoder provides superior performance in a wide variety of position-sensing applications for the measuring of angles and distances in very small envelopes. Mechanical features include a 19-mm aluminum housing, a 3-4 mm (0.125") dia stainless steel solid or blind hollow shaft, precision ball bearings and SSI output. Suitable applications for this encoder include medical devices, X-Y stages, compact motors and actuators, miniature/small instrumentation and more.

Gurley Precision Instruments is an ISO-9001 certified company that offers rotary and linear optical encoders, and related accessories. You can see their wide selection of incremental, absolute and Virtual Absolute™ encoders at, or call 800-759-1844 for free application assistance.