KT sensor increases cycle and uptime of machines

Product Announcement from ifm efector inc.

KT sensor increases cycle and uptime of machines-Image

Traditional mechanical start / stop buttons are often used, but these devices are susceptible to wear and tear. ifm now introduces the KT Series capacitive touch sensitive sensor that operates using non-contact sensing and solid state circuitry. With this design, the KT touch sensors will respond with simply a single finger or light touch of the hand, providing an ergonomic advantage.

Designed to provide long-life in application
The KT's robust housing is made of scratch-resistant polycarbonate. The completely sealed device is rated IP69K, prevents oil ingress, and ignores build-up on the sensing face

Dynamic and static capacitive sensing principles for reliable operation
ifm offers two types of devices for start / stop control. KT touch sensors utilizing the dynamic capacitive principle detect a hand or finger for actuation

Static touch sensors detect hands and objects for as long as the sensing face is damped. This is particularly useful in two-hand control or anti-tie-down applications. Static touch sensors also work through glass.

Easy mounting
KT sensors are easily mounted directly to a wall or in other areas with an L-bracket
specifically designed to fit the KT. Cover rings in a variety of colors are also available for function association